ConWorxx - October 9 and 10, 2020

Friday, October 9: 10 am EDT/4 pm CET [16:00 Uhr]

Saturday, October 10: 3 am EDT/9 am CET [09:00 Uhr]

Spielworxx is doing its first online convention - ConWorxx - on October 9 and 10, 2020. The language will be English (well, my English...).


These are the basics:

* Where?


* When?

Friday, October 9 from 10 am EDT/4 pm CET till roughly 4 pm EDT/10 pm CET

Saturday, October 10 from 3 am EDT/9 am CET till roughly 4:30 pm EDT/10:30 pm CET


* Costs?

No, costs involved. This is a free event.


* Participation

I hope for your active participation via the Twitch-chat-window - ask questions!


Moreover, I´m looking for:

1 player for The Grand Trunk Journey on Friday

2 players for Throne of Allegoria on Saturday

1 player for The Cost on Saturday

Please mail me if you´d like to play and crush Uli! You should know the game rules and how to use Vassal.


There will be also some free games that I´m "handing out" to live viewers.


* Program (subject to change, full program here soon!)

Friday: I talk to designer Ode, to artist Harald Lieske, to designer Claude Sirois (2021 release Griffintown), and will play a 3-player The Grand Trunk Journey game live via Vassal.


Saturday: I´ll have "secret"-special guests, I´ll talk to designers Bernd Scholz (2021 release Tharos), Wolfram Janich (2021 release 1837-Saxonia), Matt Wolfe (2021 release Squaring Circleville), to Cole & Drew Wehrle of Wehrlegig and Leder Games fame, and have live games via Vassal of Throne of Allegoria, The Cost, and Pax Pamir.


Let us all have a fun time, learn something about Spielworxx, and be positive!